PVC (WPC) foam board machine

Qingdao sanyi plastic machinery co., ltd specialize in manufacturing pvc wpc foam board machine. More than 10 years of professional experiences in research and development. Our company has been advanced to the latest generation and greatly improved the performance and output. Welcome to our company to visit our machines.

PVC furniture board machine

Pvc furniture board is pvc crust foam board or Celuka foam board. Smooth, light weight , high density, high hardness , moisture-proof and waterproof , mildew proof and anti-corrosion , non-toxic and no benzene , green products , not easy to deformation resistance to compression. PVC furniture board (Chevron board or Andy board PVC high, hardness white crust foaming board ) household decoration: bathroom cabinet board, furniture board, household decoration board, all kinds of household of the shelf.

PVC bathroom and kitchen cabinet board machine

Its surface can be printed with any colors, can be laminated, it is inflaming retarding, Anti-moisture, anti-corrosion , anti-acid and alkali-resistant, long life, hard strength non-toxic, good ageing resistance and thermal forming. It is the latest green environmental protection building material .It is with good surface, feels elegant and suitable .It can be nailed, drilled, digged, axed, riveted and sticky.