Qingdao Sanyi Plastic Machinery Co., LTD is a leading manufacturer of PVC WPC SPC vinyl sheet machine. 

More than 16 years of  experience. Get more than 70 patents. Exported more than 30 countries. New types of extruder constantly lunched at international exhibitions. Sanyi invented WPC multi-layer one-step flooring production line, and successfully launched a SPC extrusion line with large output parallel twin-screw. It has been widely used in Eruopen and Ameriacan markets. 

 SANYI specializes in manufacturing  WPC (wood-plastic) floor production line, SPC (stone plastic) floor production line,PVC (wood-plastic) crust foam board production line, PVC wall panel board production line, PVC free foaming board production line.

2006-----Sanyi Company was established.

2007------SANYI have developed the first PVC foaming board production line which is advanced in the same industry in China, this line is sold to Hangzhou Cody Decoration Material Co., LTD.This production line is still in normal operation.

Since then,SANYI has been specialized in researching, developing and manufacturing PVC sheet and board production line for more than ten years. So far, it has occupied a large proportion of the market share of similar equipment at home and abroad.

March 2014-----SANYI launched the production line of ultrathin crust foamed sheet and WPC (wood-plastic) floor substrate.

June 2014-----SANYI developed the new generation and the thirteenth generation production line in June 2014;

September 2014-----SANYI developed the 80/173 14th generation pvc wpc foam board production line of about 500KG/ hour.

October 2015-----SANYI grandly launched the 92/188 15th generation pvc wpc foam board production line of about 700KG/ hour.

2016-----SANYI has developed SPC(stone and plastic) floor production line with five rolls and four layers.

March 2017------SANYI developed WPC(wood-plastic foam) multi-roller and six-layer co-extrusion one-step production line, and WPC(wood-plastic foam) and SPC(stone plastic solid core) one-step production line.

April 2017------large Parallel twin-screw 135 PVC board production line, the launch of this type PVC crust foamed board production line directly to increase capacity to 1200 kg per hour.

in mid - 2018-----SANYI launch large 110 conical twin screw SPC floor production line,

in early 2019-----SANYI launched in 114 - L, 114 - M, 114 - H, SYP135-1, and a new generation of WPC one-step method floor line and other seven big small and medium-sized WPC/SPC floor production line, increase the capacity of WPC one-step floor production line to more than 900 kg to 2000 kg,

SPC floor production line capacity increased to 900kg-4000kg.

SANYI has exported to nearly 30 countries, such as USA,France, Russia, Poland, Belgium, Mexico,Turkey,Romania, Uganda, Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, India, Pakistan, North Korea, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, etc.

  • 10+

    Qingdao Sanyi Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2006

  • 75+

    The company formed a strong technical team

  • 800+

    The production line of the fourteenth generation PVC crust foam board production line can reach up to 800kg/h

  • 30+

    Has been exported to many countries in North America, Africa, Asia, Europe