PVC wall cladding board production line

PVC foamed wallboard is a new decorative material, because of its simple production technology, the diversity of product colors, simple installation and construction conditions and excellent physical and chemical properties, is gradually exaggerating the market share of the wall decoration panel.

PVC Plastic five-roller calender floor machine

PVC floor is very soft with good elasticity, Under the impact of heavy objects have a good elastic recovery, It can greatly reduce the slip to hurt people, and also the impact of the weight of the damage is also a good elastic recovery, will not cause damage.

PVC floor base board machine

The latest generation of PVC SJSZ-80/156 PVCflooring board and super thin crust foam board production line. The capacity can reached up to 350kg per hour, The latest generation of PVC SJSZ-92/188,the capacity can reached up to 550kg/hour. It can produce wpc floor board, advertising board,drawer board and other products. Production specifications: thickness(1.5mm-8mm),1220mm*2440mm or 970mm*2000mm.