• Profit of the companyinterests of the clienteconomic benefit of the society ——this “SANYI” is  our root of keeping a foothold in the economic society.

  • With the company profits as the foundation, with the customers' interests as the first, create benefits for society as our duty.

We will make great efforts to coordinate and maintain the mutual relationship of the"SANYI". 

To gain continuous and steady economic improvement.

We will try our best to create more and great contributions and benefit for our human society.

We will put our heart in the job, work diligently and dutifully.

Profit, interest and benefit, everyone can gain from the "SANYI".

Spirit of company:Turning complexity into simpleness & Pursuing excellence persistently

To simplify means to turn complexity into simpleness. If we can get  surmounting on the base of simpleness ,then we can be called as “excellence”

When we come across any events or problems, the first thing we should do is to make them clear and understandable. To sum up all the possible changes of every details, finally to get a lucid and exact result.

At that time we will find the result is simple.But still, it has cost you lots of efforts ,including detailed analysis,repeated testments and also various hardships. The problem whose result seems simple doesn’t means its process is simple. On contrary, it can be extremely difficult.

To do or settle any problems,the confidence is essential.Confidence makes you believe in your efforts which aimed to make the result lucid and simple. You must constantly repeat、improve and submount it ,then it can gain a pleasing sublimation——turning the coplexity into simpleness and changing the excellence into miracle!