SANYI Machinery has the ualifications technical team , from the famous universities,and decades of industry experience, creating a cost-effective automation equipment. Currently SANYI has invested heavily in research and innovation to development, while being added to the old team of experts from Tsinghua University, and Qingdao Science and Technology University study the future development of pvc sheet deeply.

  • Development center

    We establish the new field of research and development centers and the building template the year 2014

  • Well-know experts

    Employ the domestic well-know experts, and cooperate the Nations front-line experts,combine the country’s top level professional theory and our experience which is our technical team a decade of experience. And we create the new series of low-cost high quality formula.

  • Sophisticated brand

    SANYI company is the domestic machine industry who signed the strategic partnership agreement in the enterprise with simens company. The use of sophisticated brand of sophisticated equipment.

  • Conference

    SANYI machinery hosted and co-hosted a variety of industry annual meeting in recent years, (hosted the China Plastics Processing Industry Association 2014 Annual Meeting, and co-organized by China Association for the 30th anniversary of Formwork and Scaffolding Annual Meeting) we combine and take good use of the theory and experience of domestic experts and scholars.