Warmly congratulations from Qingdao Sanyi hosted the 2014 annual meeting of the special committee PVC foam successfully held in Guangzhou!

 Approved by the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, the special committee is scheduled for December 14, 2014 held a "China Plastic Association rigid PVC foam products Professional Committee in mid-2014 Conference and Technology Exchange Conference" in Guangzhou Pearl River Hotel. The annual meeting held before the fifth committee of four council, time December 12 20: 00-22: 00.

The conference is sponsored by the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, the China Association for Plastic rigid PVC foam products Professional Committee, Qingdao Sanyi Plastic Machinery Co., contractors.


Meeting chaired by the Secretary-General Zhou Jiahua, and sanyi -General Zhou Yuliang made a speech, the special committee has made 2014 the plastics industry and PVC foam industry committee report and the work report.

At the same meeting made the following topics and started discussions with the Conference of guests:

Ø  China PVC resin industry overview and technology trends - China Chlor-Alkali Industry Association, Zhang Guomin, deputy director of the Committee of Experts;

Ø  PVC plastic products, Development and Environmental Protection - China Plastic Association special committee plastics additives shi Xunruo , vice chairman;

Ø  Modified polymer blends theory and technology - Wuhan University Professor Chen Xuhuang;

Ø  German PVC introduce advanced technology and processing equipment

ØGermany KraussMaffei Technologies  Co., Ltd.

Ø Extruder drive technology - Henry set Fall (Shanghai) Power Transmission Technology Co., Ltd.

 Plastic Association special committee PVC foam products annual meeting and technical seminars  2014 all posed for photos. The first row, third from left, chairman of sanyi company : Zhou Yuliang


The success of the meeting and approved by the Plastics Processing Industry Association, SANYI  as PVC foam products in CPPIA committee vice chairman of the unit, This will be continuts held for three years until 2016. Welcome to participate in the annual Association for Plastic PVC foam products special committee annual meeting and technical conference.