PVC imitation marble sheet machine

Green environmental protection, surface smooth, comfortable, colour is gorgeous and elegant, paintfree non-toxic, formaldehyde-free release, anti-corrosion waterproof, flame retardant, good rigidity, impact resistance, no shrinkage cracking, through heating curve change any shape, is a new kind of fashionable decoration materials. Pollution-free, high degree, simple sense is good, price is low, effect of light weight, luxurious,


feasibility analysis of PVC Imitation marble sheet

The formal name should be "PVC imitation marble plate" or "PVC stone and plastic sheet" PVC Imitation marble sheet belongs to a classification of PVC sheet, known as PVC sheet is divided into coil and sheet, imitation marble slabs that specifically to sheet. Mainly from the structure is divided into homogeneous solid sheet, multilayer composite sheet, homogenous' hearts sheet; Divided into the square from the shape material and strip materials.

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